Core values: together we are prepared to practice the following principles to strengthen the membership and minister to the new people the Lord has added to the church.

Presence: we collectively enjoy the fellowship of one another and participate in the meetings to be refreshed and minsiter to the Lord as His children.
Prayer: we pray continually for the vision to go forth in the city, church, our families and the world by being present at scheduled prayer times.
People: we focus our attention on others as servant/leaders because the foundation of the minsitry must be to bring glory to God and minster to those in need.
Power: we seek the Lord for the manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit and the character of Christ to formed in our personal lives that the work of the Lord may never be discredited.
Purpose: we find our calling and ministry effectiveness as we serve, launch out and stay focused on the Kingdom of God.
Plan: we anticipate with earnest expectation the future of HHCF and the movement of the Spirit in our midst.