The history of Harvest House Christian Fellowship has its roots in the full-Gospel message with an emphasis on the foundational teachings of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Harvest House Christian Fellowship began as a home group that was formed from the Door Fellowship Church in Williamsport, PA under the direction of Pastor's Wayne & Margaret Holcomb with Rev. William & Marjorie Poliska as founding Pastor's.   Pastor's Bill & Margie together with a small group of believers paved the way and helped activate a prophetic word that was given many years earlier by Dr. David Minor Sr., from Gospel Tabernacle in Coudersport, PA. that "out of the Door Fellowship would come seven other works". Today, Harvest House Christian Fellowship stands as a testimony to the Apostolic and prophetic covering as witnessed by over 80 years of collective Pentecostal roots through the ministries of now deceased Apostle Joseph Crandral of Virginia, and Pastors' Wayne and Margaret Holcomb of Williamsport, PA.