• Prayer - It is not the act of praying but the reality that God is a God that answers prayer. Praying together as a church is one of the most important and relative ministries of a thriving church. We meet weekly from 9 to 9:45 on Sunday Mornings & every Tuesday at 7:00 PM. (check the church calendar for changes)


  • Christian Education:
    • Expository Study of the Letter to the Romans - We are currently doing verse by verse study of Romans. Expository teaching enables the Disciple of Jesus to fully understand the context of the Word of God and how to make daily application to live out the abundant life. 
    • Sunday school - an age relevant class that introduces Biblical concepts with practical, interactive teaching for ages 6-12.
    • Nursery - special care for ages 0-5 that frees up the parent or care-giver to be able to enjoy the Worship service in a safe and productive environment.